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Beograd, 9-10. mart 2019. godine, od 11 do 19 sati u Kombank dvorani (bivši Dom sindikata)

International Gastronomy Festival will gather more than 50 participants from all over the world and showcase traditional and modern dishes, companies, food and drink producers as well as producers of cookware and premium quality professional equipment. National cuisines of Greece, Egypt, Iran, Macedonia, Pakistan, Sweden, Serbia, and other countries will be presented by their embassies or by foreign food producers.

The Festival is a unique opportunity for the lovers of fine dining to sample some of the most delicious food they have probably never tasted before. The festival is a place to shop from an array of products including oils, spices, wine, brandy, olives, Greek feta cheese, sweets, jams, spreads, fruit juice, organic products, duck liver pate, honey with gold flakes and herbs. A presentation on wine exporting and EU funds organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vojvodina is aimed at both wine professionals and wine producers.

Those who love films and entertainment will have an opportunity to see four foreign films at the Kombank venue: “Dumplin’”, “Juliet, Naked”, “Qu'est-ce qu'on a encore fait au bon Dieu?”, “Everybody knows”. Admission to the festival is free, and the price of film tickets will be just 300 dinars.

Ulaz na festival je besplatan, a cena ulaznice za bioskopske projekcije biće snižena na 300 dinara.


Present your company or your country’s cuisine by choosing the most suitable package featuring a stall, food workshop, and a demonstration of your product or service. Become our partner and let a festival segment bear your name!


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Beograd 2018
Kuhinje sveta
Radionica Katy the Cook
Kuhinje sveta 2018, radionica ambasade Inodnezije
Kragujevac, jun 2018
Kuhinje sveta, Kragujevac 20189526
Kuhinje sveta, Kragujevac 20189514
Kuhinje sveta, Kragujevac 20189420
Kuhinje sveta, Kragujevac 20189499
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Our health is highly dependent on the choices we make when it comes to buying, preparing and storing food.  That is why we have decided to launch World of Cuisine festival, a new project set up within the traditional Belgrade Health Festival.

Dr Mirjana Micovic
Mirjana Micovic, doctor and president of the Health Festival

Being a big gourmand and a big fan of international cuisine, I’m absolutely thrilled that Belgrade is going to have such a nice festival. I might “steal” one of the recipes to share on my blog or show. I’d like to thank the organizers for this brilliant idea. See you at the tasting show!

Sloba Stefanovic
Sloboda Stefanovic actor and blogger.

Zbog svog posla u prilici sam da upoznam razne majstore svog zanata i zato se unapred radujem i predstojećem festivalu "Kuhinje sveta". Nema kuhinje i dobrog kuvara bez poštovanja osnovnih namirnica i tradicije, ali i bez degustacije drugih trpeza.

Dafina Dostanić
Dafina Dostanić novinarka Blica

Ishrana je osnova za zdrav, kvalitetan i srećan život. Festival “Kuhinje sveta” jedinstvena je prilika da učimo od onih koji to najbolje znaju.

Marija Razić voditeljka i urednica u RTCG
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