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National cuisine characterized by its distinctive ingredients, techniques, and dishes is the country’s brand.
U jelima uživaju sva čula. Ona se pamte, prepoznaju, traže, prave...
This is a golden opportunity to give others an insight into an important segment of your national culture which is its gastronomic history and life.
With the assistance of our media partners, we will present your recipes and specialties, and introduce famous chefs.

Na ovogodišnjem festivalu u Kombank dvorani učestvuju: ambasada Irana, ambasada Egipta, ambasada Pakistana, ambasada Palestine, ambasada Švedske.

Food Producers

Are you about to launch a new product and are looking for a perfect promotional opportunity? World of Cuisine is a festival where you can promote your product and hold an educational workshop. Additionally, you can increase the media visibility of your brand, product or service through news items, interviews, statements and social media posts.

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Food Preparation and Serving

If you want your food to be perfectly cooked, served, and, most importantly, to retain all its nutritional value, it must be prepared in a premium quality cookware.
If you have cookware that preserves vitamins and minerals, is energy efficient and stays warm for a long time, the Festival is the perfect place to promote your masterpiece collection.
Showcase your food preparation, serving, and storage equipment, cookware, cutlery, dinnerware and other tools whose quality speaks volumes.

Ove godine biće prezentovane kuhinja Austrije i kuhinja Grčke.

Healthy food

You have a passion for healthy food and enjoy making delicious meals which you are more than happy to share with others. Go organic, vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan or some other style – anything is welcome!
Introduce your blogs, workshops, your own latest recipes for healthy or special meals, energy drinks, home-made spreads…

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